I offer a range of services, but I primarily focus on development, code review, consultancy and system administration.

If there is a service you require which isn’t listed here, such as WordPress theme design, please feel free to contact me as I may be able to put you in touch with someone who can help.


I work on general development projects, whether you require modifications to an existing system or a new piece of software. My primary language is PHP, but I have also worked on projects in Python. I use MySQL/MariaDB as the database backend in the majority of projects, and SQLite for prototyping.

Code review

Have you paid for a web application to be built but don’t have the technical knowledge to critically evaluate the work? I can offer an independent review of code before or after it is deployed, covering aspects including security, compatibility with different versions of PHP, documentation and maintainability.


Need someone to come in and review your infrastructure requirements? Are you a design agency who has been asked to undertake some significant development work which is outside your area of expertise? I can provide you with help and advice as a consultant.

System administration

Do you have servers which need maintaining, but cannot justify a full time member of staff to look after them? For a monthly fee, I can take over the management of your servers, keeping the system software and other applications (e.g. WordPress) up to date. I work exclusively with Linux systems, using Ansible for configuration management and Git for version control.

I can also assist with server migration and train staff on configuration management and version control if you prefer to keep system administration in-house.

Hosting and Domains

Due to the amount of work involved, I no longer offer domain registration, email or web hosting for new clients. If you would like to purchase these services, I can recommend Bytemark (hosting) and Mythic Beasts (hosting and domains), both of whom I use myself for personal and business domains and hosting (this site is hosted on a Mythic Beasts server which I manage). If you are unsure of your hosting requirements, I can help you define these before you select a package from Bytemark or Mythic Beasts.