Whether you want just one service or a range, I can offer whatever you need in PHP development and Linux system administration.

Below are the main services I offer, but if you need something slightly different, please give me a call to see if I can meet your needs.


Do you need modifications to an existing system or a brand-new piece of software? I can offer both as a general development project, adapting my skills to the needs of your business.

I’m proficient at working with bespoke or legacy systems, and can help you migrate from PHP 5 (or even PHP 4) to PHP 7.

My primary language is PHP, and I use MySQL/MariaDB as the database in the majority of projects, along with Git for version control.

Code review

Have you paid for a web application to be built but don’t have the technical knowledge to critically evaluate the work? I can offer an independent review of the code before or after it’s deployed. This will cover various aspects including security, compatibility with different versions of PHP, documentation and maintainability.


  • Need someone to review your hosting requirements?
  • Are you a design agency who’s been asked to undertake development work outside your area of expertise?
  • Are you looking to hire your first in-house developer?

I can provide you with help and advice as a consultant with all these issues and more.


I enjoy writing documentation and can help with:

  • High level documentation – how everything fits together
  • Low level documentation – how the code works
  • Disaster planning and backups

I can write documentation aimed at technical and non-technical audiences.

System administration

Do you have servers that need maintaining, but can’t justify a full-time member of staff to look after them? I can help with ad-hoc tasks and regular maintenance such as security updates. I work exclusively with Linux systems, and can help you:

  • Move to configuration management (using Ansible)
  • Adopt IPv6
  • Automate and test backups

If you need 24/7 support, I can help you migrate to a provider who will offer this.


If you employ your own junior/mid developers or system administrators, they’ll need someone to mentor them in order to build them up to a senior role. The problem is that there might be no-one in your organisation with the time or the expertise to fulfil this role.

I’ll mentor your staff, offering them a space to discuss technical problems, conferences, career progression and more.

All of my services are charged on an hourly basis. Get in touch with me today to discuss how I can tailor any of the services I offer to your unique needs – because your website solutions should suit your business, not the other way round.