I generally work with two types of clients, those who want me to work with them for an extended/ongoing period on several projects and those who want me to deliver a one-off piece of work in a given timeframe. Several of my clients have been with me for more than a year, and some since I started freelancing in 2015.

I also work with agencies who are looking to boost their development resource or want to bring a fresh pair of eyes to bear on a problem.

Client: Direct Fleet Insurance
Services: Consultancy, development, system administration
Description: Wholesale platform for trading commercial motor insurance, written in PHP with a MySQL database backend.

Client: Swift Money
Services: Development, code review
Description: Web application which sends a short-term loan application to multiple lenders and redirects the applicant to the first successful response.

Client: FLOSS UK
Services: System administration
Description: Consolidation of multiple servers onto one platform, migration to configuration management (Ansible) and version control (Git), and ongoing system administration.

Client: Siegwerk UK
Services: Development, consultancy
Description: Maintenance and updates to bespoke system for managing paint formulations, advice on long-term options for software support.

Client: Zuntold
Services: Development, system administration.
Description: Updates to existing website built using Laravel, including analytics and roll-out of HTTPS, migration of website to a more reliable provider, setup and automation of regular backups.

Client: IC-e
Services: Development, hosting, code review
Description: Migration and hosting of client websites (bespoke and WordPress), including security fixes.

Client: Employment Tax for Business
Services: Hosting
Description: Migration of website and email from another provider and ongoing hosting of both services, followed by eventual migration to a managed service with a different provider.

Client: HTP Digital
Services: Consultancy
Description: Advice on technical aspects of an upcoming project bid.

Client: Manchester Electricians
Services: Development
Description: Code to display different phone numbers across the site based on different landing pages (e.g. via AdWords) and multi-step form with InfusionSoft integration.

Client: Home Extension Contracts
Services: Development, code review
Description: Online form to capture contract data and produce a PDF, security review of existing code and implementation of security fixes.

Client: Astley Hire
Services: System administration, domain names
Description: Migration of websites and DNS from a legacy platform to the cloud, consolidation and management of domain portfolio.

Client: Brighter Connections
Services: Development, system administration
Description: Debugging and fixing problems with client websites and server configurations.

Before freelancing, I worked at the University of Manchester in the School of Computer Science. Some of the projects I contributed to can be found on their GitHub organisation. You can also view my open source projects and contributions under my GitHub account.