Miniblend is a web application for managing the manufacture and sale of paint formulations. The primary language is PHP, with MySQL for data storage.

Projects I have worked on include:

  • Code and infrastructure review to identify issues and fixes.
  • Automated exporting of data into other systems (CSV and bespoke data formats).
  • Automated reports (CSV) for data analysis.
  • Mass updating of formulations to take account of new products.
  • Automated FTP client for downloading formulations to customer dispensers (written in Go, remotely deployed to multiple versions of Windows). I documented the process of deploying the software so that it could be performed by non-IT staff within the company.
  • Migration to a new server, including upgrading from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.4 and working with teams in the parent company.
  • Automation of HTTPS certificates issuance and renewal.
  • IPv6 rollout to server and web application.

In addition to the above projects, I created a reproducible development environment using Vagrant and Ansible.