FLOSS UK (formerly known as UKUUG) was a membership organisation which hosted conferences for people interested in open source and open standards.

FLOSS UK had two existing virtual machines running different Linux distributions (RedHat and Debian) on a legacy platform. I migrated all the services onto new cloud instances, and at the same time converted all the manual configuration to Ansible playbooks stored in Git for version control. I also managed and maintained the new servers, keeping them up to date and dealing with any feature requests.

System administration changes included:

  • Automated security updates of Debian packages using unattended-upgrades.
  • Automated security certificates for web and email using LetsEncrypt.
  • Automated updates of WordPress using wp-cli.
  • Automated daily backups of websites and MySQL databases.

Services migrated and managed included:

  • SMTP (Postfix)
  • IMAP (Dovecot)
  • Databases (MySQL/MariaDB)
  • Websites (Apache and Nginx)

All externally accessible services were secured with TLS.