Are you looking to hire your first developer?

Has your existing developer left and you need to find a replacement?

I offer a hiring service, tailored to your needs.

Where I can help

The hiring areas I can help with include:

  • Writing a job advert.
  • Appropriate salary levels.
  • Designing a structure for the interview.
  • Interview questions and sample answers.
  • Advice on where (and where not) to advertise.
  • Advertising within my professional network.

I’ve been on both sides of the interview table so I have experience as an interviewee and interviewer.

Where I can’t help

There are some areas where I don’t get involved:

  • Deciding which candidate to hire.
  • Performance assessment during probation period.
  • Employment law (right to work, contracts etc.).
  • Interviewing someone I know personally or where there is another potential conflict of interest.

Ultimately, whilst I can help with many aspects of the hiring process, you are responsible for making the final decisions and ensuring compliance with relevant legislation.


All hiring services are delivered remotely during my normal working hours (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding UK bank holidays). This enables me to support clients across the UK.

I strongly encourage clients to hold remote interviews because this allows you to recruit across a wider geographical area, as well as being flexible for candidates with commitments such as caring responsibilities.


Due to the bespoke nature of hiring, the cost will be based on the areas you need help with. Fees are based on the value I deliver, not on a fixed hourly rate.

Unlike recruiters, I do not operate on a contingent fee or commission basis. My fees will be charged regardless of whether you find a suitable candidate, and are not based on a percentage of salary or day rate.

Please contact me for a free initial discussion, after which I’ll provide a quote tailored to your requirements.