Link Tuesday: Week 1

Link Tuesday is a website built around a Twitter hash tag (#linktuesday) which encourages people to tweet about links which they have found useful that week. I prefer a slightly more durable mechanism where I can find links again (Twitter’s search facility will only go back a certain number of tweets) so as of today I’ll be posting any useful PHP links I find on my blog under the Link Tuesday category.

This week’s selection is:

5 Reasons Why Silex Is King Of All PHP Micro-Frameworks – Some reasons to try Silex, a micro-framework which I have been playing around with this week.

PHP max_input_vars, form element limits and the suhosin patch – Explains a bug I came across recently where forms were not being processed correctly if they had a large number of elements.

What is Dependency Injection? – Introductory article on the topic of dependency injection, by one of the core developers of the Symfony framework.


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