Co-working spaces in Manchester

Recently I was asked for suggestions of co-working spaces in Manchester city centre. Rather than email the person directly, I figured it was easier to add a blog post and direct them and anyone else to it.

None of these are recommendations – the place I used to co-work in unfortunately closed – but hopefully they will provide a starting point for further research. Places only get on the list if they are actually for proper co-working – no coffee shops where you can buy a drink and not get hassled for a few hours. I’ve excluded places if I disagree with their employment practices (e.g. utilising unpaid interns) or they don’t disclose prices on their website.

Hackspaces will often offer co-working space as well, though they may be a bit noisy if you are trying to work on a laptop. Libraries are another option, but the fact that they are open to the public means that you’ll have to pack up your laptop every time you want to grab a drink or lunch.

If there’s a place I’ve missed, please let me know in the comments and I’ll update the post.


  1. Jim MacArthur

    Does Ziferblat on Edge street count? It certainly seems to be used as a co-working space, and is good for casual use.

    • Paul

      It counts as a co-working space, but they ask people to volunteer there in exchange for ‘free’ time. I don’t agree with that so I won’t list them.

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