Charging for training notes?

Earlier this year I delivered a half-day workshop entitled Configuration Management with Ansible and Git. I spent a lot of time preparing the notes for the workshop, and as a result I’ve got a 22 page document which I think is a reasonable introduction to both topics, though there are a few things I will change if I deliver the workshop again (e.g. half a day is not really long enough to introduce version control and configuration management).

At the moment, you can only get a copy of the notes if you attend my workshop. However, I’m considering one of the following options:

  1. Make the notes available separately, for a small fee, to allow those who don’t want or need the guidance of a tutor (I have learnt everything I know about Ansible and Git from reading and experience).
  2. Make the notes available for free, on the basis that they may result in people asking me to deliver the training.

At the moment I’m leaning towards the second option — I see it as being a bit like how bands make money nowadays, by focusing on live performances instead of record sales.

Does anyone else who offers training have any thoughts on what works for them?


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