BT approval for router firmware updates

Last week I posted about a firmware update for my Zyxel router which fixes IPv6 connectivity. I emailed my ISP to tell them in case any other users encountered the same problem. Unfortunately though, the latest version of the firmware hasn’t been approved by BT, who have a monopoly on parts of the infrastructure used to deliver broadband in the UK, which means customers can’t be told to update as technically they’ll be using an unapproved device on BT’s network.

I don’t know if Zyxel have submitted the updated firmware to BT, but until it’s approved your choices are to either forgo IPv6 or run the risk of BT disconnecting you for running an unapproved device.


  1. Andrew Veitch

    Because BT won’t publicly release the list of approved devices/firmware, I have no idea whether the Cisco 1801 I’m running is an approved device.

    However – based on experience – I would say that the risk of disconnection is quite low.

  2. Paul

    I suspect it’s quite low too, especially if the router doesn’t advertise its firmware version on BT’s network.

    A recent thread on uknof suggests that things may improve soon in this area though.

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