Sympl migration and management services

This year I’ve been paying close attention to Sympl, a project which makes it easier to manage website and email hosting by providing sensible default configurations and automating some of the routine tasks (a bit like cPanel or Plesk, but without a web interface). It is a fork of the Symbiosis project, which is no longer under active development.

Having migrated my own websites and email to Sympl, as well as the sites I host for clients, I’m now ready to offer the following new services:

Symbiosis to Sympl migrations: I will set up a new Sympl server and migrate all your settings and data from your existing Symbiosis server.

Bespoke to Sympl migrations: I will migrate your existing bespoke hosting setup to a new Sympl server.

Sympl management: I will manage your Sympl servers, responding to any feature requests (setting up new sites, email accounts etc.) and making sure the servers are kept up to date. This includes automated daily updates for any WordPress sites you host.

I’m happy to work with agencies, and I think Sympl is a good choice if you want to host websites and emails for clients without needing in-house system administration.

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about any of the services, including approximate costings.

These services are offered independently and are not endorsed by the Sympl project or Mythic Beasts.


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