Security support for PHP 8.0 ends in November 2023

Security support for PHP 8.0 ends in November 2023. If you’re running a web application on 8.0, you need to update to 8.1 (supported until November 2024) or 8.2 (supported until December 2025) as soon as possible. If you’re on PHP 7 or earlier, those versions have already reached end of life and will not receive security updates from the PHP project.

Moving to the latest version of PHP 8 is likely to require changes to your web hosting platform and any applications you are running. In some cases the update is relatively painless, but if you are running a server which hasn’t been changed for several years or have a bespoke application the process may require more effort. As a general rule, the bigger the version gap, the more work is required, and jumping between major versions (e.g. PHP 7.x to PHP 8.x) is the most disruptive.

I’ve worked with all PHP versions going back to 5.1 and have updated applications across a wide range of clients and industries, so I know the problems that are likely to occur and how to solve them. Whilst I strongly recommend using a version which receives security updates, I’m also happy to support applications that need to remain on an older version of PHP, as I understand that it’s not always feasible to upgrade. For example, I helped one client remain on PHP 7.x as they were planning to move to another system in the near future.

If you would like help with supporting an application, either to continue on an end of life version or to migrate to PHP 8.2, please contact me for a free initial discussion to start planning the way forward.


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