PHP developer mentoring

I’ve recently launched a new service, PHP Developer Mentoring, for organisations with junior and mid level developers who would like to build up their skills with mentoring from a senior developer.

You get the benefits of my skills, knowledge, and experience, without the cost of hiring me full time. Your developers can work through development tasks with me, get advice on the best way to solve a problem, and learn how to use tools such as version control and automatic deployments.

Mentoring can be flexible to meet your needs, but I generally find that a weekly session lasting one hour works best. It’s frequent enough to keep things moving, whilst giving the mentee time to think over things between sessions, and an hour is the maximum amount of time most people can concentrate without losing attention.

I currently have 2 slots for new mentoring sessions, so please get in touch if you would like me to mentor one of your developers.


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