Now running WordPress 2.7

It’s been some time since the last major WordPress release, but version 2.7 is now out and I’ve just finished upgrading my various blogs.

The dashboard is quite different is the new version and takes some getting used to, though all the same functionality is there. Personally I preferred the old design, but I think that may be largely down to familiarity and I think after a few weeks I’ll be using the new dashboard without any problems. Looking at the new design also reminded me that I’m still running the same boring default theme, so I probably change that at some point, perhaps after my thesis has been handed in.

As always, I’d advise upgrading as soon as possible—for the security fixes if nothing else. I’m not convinced by the new features yet, although the automatic upgrade sounds like a useful addition (assuming it works—naturally I can’t try it until the next release) and something which will hopefully help increase security generally.


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