Filing Reminders launched

I’ve recently launched Filing Reminders, a free email service to remind you when the filing dates for a UK company are approaching. The design comes from the highly useful Bootstrap, which allows me to put together a basic layout and get a site launched, rather than delaying whilst I work on the CSS/HTML.

The primary reason for building the site was to scratch my own itch. Over the past few years, I’ve been a director of five different companies, each of which has two filing dates (accounts and return) to remember. Whilst I could just enter the dates in my diary each year, I wanted an automated service which would nag me by email until the documents were filed.

The site is completely free to use and you can subscribe to as many companies as you want. At some point in the future I may charge for premium services, or include a sponsor link in the emails, but the basic email service will remain free.

In terms of the technical details, Filing Reminders is written in PHP, uses MySQL for data storage and my UKCD class to fetch the company data.


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